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30 Years of Experience

Karim & Associates was established in 1990 by Abdul Kadie Karim Sr, a noted member of the Washington, DC metropolitan area, a certified public accountant, and college professor. Karim started his business on the corner of 5th and Florida Avenue dubbed the “upstairs” by locals. As a small business owner, Karim had a passion for helping his community resolve tax issues, file tax returns, and assist with small business start-ups.

In 2001, Karim’s son Ibrahim joined the business providing financial services to the community. In 2007, Karim’s son Abdul also joined the family business.

Over the years, as business grew Karim and Associates moved from Florida Avenue to the present location on North Capitol Street in North East DC.

Karim & Associates changed the business name to Karim & Associates Financial Services, LLC in 2015 thus establishing a partnership between the two sons, Ibrahim and Abdul. Since then, Ibrahim and Abdul have kept the legacy of their late father alive by providing the same outstanding service that he provided the community for over 30 years.


Empowering Financial Success

At Karim & Associates Financial Services, LLC, our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that every individual and business deserves personalized and expert financial guidance. With a history spanning over three decades, we are dedicated to empowering our clients through comprehensive tax planning, meticulous preparation, and strategic consulting. Our approach combines the precision and depth of a large firm with the approachability and personalized care of a smaller practice.

We understand that navigating the financial landscape can be challenging, which is why our team of seasoned professionals is committed to offering clarity and simplification. Whether it's providing individuals with efficient tax solutions or assisting small businesses in their growth and development, our goal is to foster long-term financial health and success for our clients. At the heart of our mission lies a steadfast commitment to integrity, excellence, and unwavering support, ensuring that every decision we make is in the best interest of those we serve.


Questions And Answers

How Will My Return Be Filed?

Karim & Associates has been accepted to participate in the electronic filling (IRS e-file) program. 95% of our returns are e-filed. There may be times where we would have to mail your return.

Do I Have To Pay For Your Services Out Of Pocket?

That depends on your preference! We can take your preparation fees out of your return if you are eligible. We also accept all major forms of payments except for checks.

How Much For Your Services?

Karim & Associates offer an array of services from individual tax returns to business consulting.  Contact Us to see how much your need would cost. 

Where’s My Refund?

This is the question we were waiting for!!! Click the link below to find that information. Be prepared, some sites ask for “Filing Status” and “Refund Amount”. If your chose to have your preparation fees come out of your refund please enter the amount of refund before fees are deducted. – Get Refund Status

I’m A Very Busy Person, Do I Have To Come There To Do My Taxes?

We always love to see our clients, but if you can’t make it you can upload your documents to us through our Client Portal

Do You Do Appointments Or Walk-Ins?

We do both, during peak times walk-ins will get you same day services but may lead to longer wait times. During non-peak times appointments will be your best option. If you are not in a hurry use our Client Portal, it will be your best and most convenient option. 

I’m Retired And Receive Social Security; Do I Have Any Filing Obligations?

That can depend. Your Social Security may be taxable up to 85% if you receive other forms of income.  Contact Us so we can help you figure this out. 

What Are Your Hours?

Our hours during peak time (January 1st to May 30th) are Monday thru Thursday (8am – 8pm) Friday (2:30pm – 8pm) Saturday and Sunday (8am – 8pm). During non-peak times (June 1st to December 31st) it is by appointments only. 


What People Say

Ibrahim is both friendly and knowledgable and I would highly suggest reaching out to him for a consultation. Whether you're looking for advice on tax planning or starting your business Ibrahim can help with this and much more.

Marcus M.



What People Say

Mr. Abdul is very professional and thorough to understand the details of your situation in order to provide the expertise needed. My wife and I were very comfortable with him asking lots of questions in order to have a full picture as new clients for his firm. Karim & Associates Financial Services were highly recommended by a long time friend.

Jacob Carroll



What People Say

Abdul Karim offers brilliantly creative solutions through the firm’s small business consulting services by emphasizing the importance of establishing a sustainable business structure on the front-end to ensure financial success and growth potential over the life of the business. Our conversation was engaging + inspiring + affirming. I highly recommend Karim & Associates Financial Services.

Ondréa Burton



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